Storage Shed
Building a Door
Assemble tongue-in-groove pine to create a rectangular panel that's slightly larger in height and width than the trimmed door opening. Then, secure two horizontal 1x6 battens across the boards with 1 3/8" coated screws. Use four screws at each junction.

15. Build the door by using tongue-and-groove pine. Attach the crossmembers and a diagonal brace with screws.

16.  Hang the door with three steel gate hinges. Secure it to the trim with lagbolts, then add the handle, bolt, and hasp.

Mark and cut the door squarely to size. Finish by adding a diagonal brace between the cross battens to further stiffen the door and help prevent sagging. Add an additional short crossmember at the center of the hinge side to support a third hinge (fig. 15).
Attach gate hinges to the door over the battens. Position the door in the opening and lagbolt the hinges to the door trim (fig. 16). Then install a handle, bolt, and hasp. Finally, when the door swings easily and closes squarely, nail a 1x2 stop to the hasp side of the doorjamb. 


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