Storage Shed
Setting the Base
Build the shed base frame using three pressure-treated 4x4s and two pressure-treated 2x4s. For a 7'x9' shed like ours, cut the 4x4s to 8'9" for the 2x4s at each end. Cut the 2x4s to 7' long. Nail the boards to the ends of two 4x4s using 16d galvanized common nails to make a rectangular frame. To provide extra floor support, nail the third 4x4 to the 2x4s along the frame centerline (as shown in the Project Plan).

1. Place pressure-treated floor frame on gravel-filled 4 2.  Nail 3/4

With the base frame assembled, level the ground at the shed site and dig a continuous 4"-deep trench to match the base frame perimeter; also dig an additional trench aligned with the center 4x4 support.  Fill the trenches with gravel, set the frame in place, and level it in both directions (fig. 1).

To make the floor, nail pieces of 3/4" tongue-and-groove plywood onto the frame. Begin by trimming the groove from the starting sheet and nail that piece in place with 8d screw-shank galvanized nails. Using the two factory edges of the plywood, check that the framework beneath it is square; adjust if necessary. Then set the second piece in place, engage the tongue in the groove, and nail it down (fig. 2).


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