Storage Shed
Wall Construction
Cut the four 2x4 long-wall plates to the length of the floor, then mark the stud positions on the plates. Position the first stud 15 1/4" from the leading end of each plate and each subsequent stud at 16" centers.

To frame a utility-sash window, measure the width of the window, position a full-length stud on each side of the opening, and cut a sill plate -- to span between them -- for the window to rest on. Leave the area above the window open. Cut the wall studs to 78 1/2" and build the corners by nailing three studs side by side. Lay each stud in position and nail to the plates with 16d nails (fig. 3).

3. Nail each stud through plates with two 16d nails per stud. Place triple studs at ends of both long walls. 4. After sheathing, cut window opening and use 10d galvanized casing nails to secure it to the wall.

Build the back wall in a similar fashion, but omit the triple studs. Place the second stud 12 1/2" from the leading end of the top and bottom plates. Then place the remaining studs on 16" centers.

The door opening on the front wall should be at least 36" wide -- wider if you have a riding mower. For a 36"-wide opening, laminate the door header by sandwiching 39" 2x4s around a piece of 1/2-inch plywood. To support the header, cut two jack studs 3 1/2" less than the normal stud length and nail these to full-length studs. Then frame the front wall with a centered opening (as shown). Finally, slide the header between the jack studs and the top plate and nail it from the top and sides.

Nail 1/2" plywood or waferboard sheathing over the studs, using 8d galvanized nails. On the end walls, extend the sheathing 3 1/2" beyond the framing on both sides. This overhang will eventually cover the ends of the long walls.

5. Set first wall up and nail it through the soleplate. Level and brace the wall with a 2x4 nailed to floor. 6. After end walls are set up, add a second top wall plate. Overlap wall plates at corners and nail in place.

At the window wall, cut out the sheathing over the opening and set the window in place. Nail through the trim with 10d galvanized casing nails (fig. 4). Tip up a long wall and align it with the floor. Secure it with 16d nails. Plumb the wall and nail a diagonal brace to the floor (fig. 5). With the side walls up, raise the end walls between them. Nail them to the floor and to the side walls. Finally, nail second top plates to the existing plates, overlapping the side walls at the corners (fig. 6).


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