Storage Shed
Shingling the Roof
Cover the sheathing with roofing felt. Then nail galvanized rake edge along the gable ends and drip edge along the eave edges of the roof. This will prevent rainwater from seeping between the shingles and the roof sheathing.

13.  After nailing drip edges in place, trim tabs from shingles and then install a starter row along the eaves. 14.  Cut shingles into three tab-size pieces and use tabs to cap peak. Be sure to space each piece 5

Install a starter row by trimming the tabs from a few shingles and nail what remains over the drip edge, with the grit facing up and the factory edge down. Allow the shingle edge to extend over the drip edge by about 1/4" (fig. 13). Offset the starter row from the first full row of shingles by trimming 3" from the first starter shingle you install.

After you've put the starter row down, lay the first row of full shingles over it and nail in place. On every subsequent row, cut 6" from the first shingle. Align shingles so that the bottom of the latest row lies across the top of the tab slots of the previous row. Nail each shingle with four 3/4" galvanized roofing nails.

To cap the ridge, cut shingles into three pieces along the tabs. Then nail the tabs along the peak at 5" intervals (fig. 14).


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